• noun: the state of being active
  • noun: the quality or state of being 'active'
  • usually plural
  • synonyms: act, acting, action


  • The police are now monitoring criminal/gang/drug 'activity' in the area.

  • There has been an increase in the city's (level of) economic 'activity'.

  • The instruments are used to detect volcanic 'activity' on the island.

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Movie quotes

  • (..) I knew you in Paris. I was just telling Laszlo that... ...unfortunately, I'm not able to help him. The word has gone around. As leader of all illegal activities, I'm an influential and respected man. But it'd not be worth my life to do anything for Laszlo. You, however, are a different matter. (..)
    1942 Casablanca
  • (..) Of course, one must admit he has great courage. He's clever. Three times he slipped through our fingers. In Paris, he continued his activities. We intend not to let it happen again. Excuse me. Your business is politics, mine is running a saloon. Good evening, Mr. Blaine. You see, major? You have (..)
    1942 Casablanca
  • (..) And I'm trying to throw this little guy off. "Get off. Stop ******* my leg." This above all is a family film... ...and any depictions of perverse sexual activity... ...could only be described as educational. The whole world's gonna see me beating on a little man who's humping my leg. Peter Jackson, (..)
    2012 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey