• adjective: real and not merely possible or imagined
  • adjective: existing in act and not merely potentially
  • used for emphasis
  • synonyms: real, genuine, certain


  • He looks younger, but he is 'in actual fact' almost 60 years old. [=he is actually almost 60 years old]

  • They signed the agreement in the spring, but the 'actual' sale wasn't made until that summer.

  • You deposit money in a bank account but the 'actual' money is not held there.

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  • (..) Rest tonight, Martin. This is not what I want to hear. How in Christ's sake does Malcolm X slip into my state, meet with the wife of the other one, and give an actual speech to these nigras who are already riled up enough? I mean, how does that happen, Colonel Lingo? Governor... (..)
    2014 Selma