• conjunction: despite the fact that
  • conjunction: in spite of the fact that
  • used to introduce a fact that makes another fact unusual or surprising
  • synonyms: though


  • It feels as if I've known you forever 'although' [='even though'] we've only known each other for a day.

  • He's the basketball team's best player 'although' he's the shortest one on the team.

  • I don't believe we've met before, 'although' I must say you do look very familiar.

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Movie quotes

  • (..) happened to Sir Charles? As far as anyone knows, he still is living the quiet life... at his villa in the south of France. Although, there has been a rumor that the notorious Phantom... is back at work, and although it has long been suspected... that Sir Charles and the Phantom (..)
    1975 The Return of the Pink Panther
  • (..) #Hello, Mason. Encantada. I've heard of you. - What are you doing here? - I'm with friends. And what are you doing? #We will camp. Although she will not go camp. You go to a party. - Funny. - We men, camp. Males camp. Very well. Is on for tomorrow? (..)
    2014 Boyhood
  • (..) Come on, we can. Just hear me out, okay? It's so hard for me and for you. Seriously, I read an article in a newspaper the other day, saying that although adolescents USA were not sexually active have equal rate highest pregnancy. #Hello. - Tammy, how are you? (..)
    2014 Boyhood