• noun: a quantity of something
  • verb: to be equivalent
  • usually + 'of'
  • synonyms: ascend, signify, totality


  • Anything less than total victory would 'amount to' failure/failing. [=would be the same as failure/failing]

  • They are not producing an adequate 'amount of' the drug. [=they are not producing enough of the drug]

  • We have 'any amount of' available resources. = We have a large 'amount of' available resources.

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Movie quotes

  • (..) Donny was arrested by Boston police and charged with kidnapping a plush toy the charge was dropped when everyone realised how completely stupid that sounded Robert got a trainer, lost a substantial amount of weight, and went on to become taylor lautner english by sub-stance (..)
    2012 Ted
  • (..) Ultron took you folks out of play to buy himself time. My contacts all say he's building something. The amount of Vibranium he made off with, I don't think it's just one thing. What about Ultron himself? Ah. He's easy to track, he's everywhere. Guy's multiplying faster than a Catholic rabbit. (..)
    2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • (..) One shot. Oh, that's... that's a fair distance. So do you do much hunting up at the Wall? Oh, yes. Yes. A good amount. North of the Wall, you don't hunt, you don't eat. Mostly deer or is it elk as well? Rabbits. Sometimes squirrels. (..)
    2016 TvShow: Game of Thrones Title: Blood of My Blood Season: 6 Episode 6