• noun: a natural ability to do something or to learn something
  • noun: a natural ability
  • synonyms: inclination, talent, adaptation


  • a test of 'aptitude' = an 'aptitude test' [=a test that is designed to show how easily someone will be able to learn certain skills]

  • Anyone who can speak five languages obviously has a great natural 'aptitude' for (learning) languages.

  • The new test is supposed to measure the 'aptitudes' of the students.

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  • (..) Now what? Now you let me handle it. THE INTOUCHABLES Do you have references? Well yes. I validated my CAFAD. A certificate of aptitude to take care of disabled persons. I validated it in a renowned institute in the Landes country in I have a high school "Proximity Services" diploma (..)
    2011 Intouchables