• adjective: in a state of sleep
  • adjective: being in a state of sleep
  • synonyms: a stranger to, anesthetized, asleep in jesus


  • I woke up and I couldn't 'fall' back 'asleep'. [=I couldn't go to sleep again]

  • We were still 'half asleep' when we went to school the next morning.

  • One moment she was 'sound asleep', the next she was wide awake!

Movie quotes

  • (..) Riley's gone to sleep. We're all on break. You mean we're stuck here until morning? Yeah. The Train of Thought doesn't run while she's asleep. - Oh, we can't wait that long. - How about we wake her up. Sadness, that's ridiculous. How can we possibly... - How about we wake her up. (..)
    2015 Inside Out
  • (..) - Riley's gone to sleep. - Oh. Which is a good thing If... When you think about it. Because nothing else bad can happen when she's asleep. We'll be back to Headquarters before she wakes up. We'll just go across Friendship Island. - Oh, we'll never make it. (..)
    2015 Inside Out