• noun: the ability to hold or contain people or things
  • noun: legal competency or fitness
  • usually singular
  • synonyms: skill, cleverness, talent


  • The factory is currently running at three-quarter 'capacity'. [=the factory is producing three quarters of what it can produce]

  • The airport is not expected to reach 'capacity' [=the highest number of planes it can deal with] for several years.

  • The restaurant has a large seating 'capacity'. [=many people can sit in the restaurant; it has many seats]

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  • (..) We're gonna face the challenge, or this country is storing up a heap of trouble for itself. Now, seeing as I can't convince you to work with my administration in an official capacity inside the White House, I feel damn fortunate to have someone as statesmanlike as you leading the movement. (..)
    2014 Selma