• noun: a television or radio station
  • noun: the bed where a natural stream of water runs
  • verb: to express (your ideas, thoughts, feelings, energy, etc.) through a particular behavior or action
  • verb: to form, cut, or wear a channel in
  • often plural
  • synonyms: gutter, groove, canal


  • Food, clothes, and money were 'channeled through' churches to the poor people of the village.

  • To make a complaint, you will need to go through (the) official/proper 'channels'.

  • She said that she was 'channeling' my father and that he had a message for me.

Movie quotes

  • (..) Long term memory retrieval. Volume . - No. - Woo. A real page turner. Long term memory data selection via channel sober be. See. Fun already. Oh, you lucky dog. You're reading these cool things, I got to go work. Life is so unfair. Ugh. (..)
    2015 Inside Out