• noun: a condition or fact that affects a situation
  • noun: a condition, fact, or event accompanying, conditioning, or determining another
  • usually plural
  • synonyms: position, detail, fact


  • Do not, 'under any circumstances', open that door. = 'Under no circumstances' are you to open that door. [=no matter what happens, do not open that door]

  • Due to 'circumstances beyond our control' [=things that have happened that we cannot change or influence], the flight is canceled.

  • She says that her client is 'a victim of circumstance' and should not be blamed for the accident.

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Movie quotes

  • (..) Here's what you do. Open her mouth, take a handful and throw it at her. Whatever sticks, that's the correct dosage. Under no circumstances are you to compromise our no-talking agreement. Dr Kelso is always saying... I'm gonna say this as carefully as possible, so I don't overstate it. (..)
    2001 TvShow: Scrubs Title: My First Day Season: 1 Episode 1
  • (..) it's like it never happened. Everything goes back to normal. Is that a joke? Tell me you're joking. Sulley, I'd like to think that, given the circumstances I have been extremely forgiving up to now but that is a horrible idea! What are we going to do? March right out into (..)
    2001 Monsters, Inc.
  • (..) And we all thank you. use new eggs. hi. Hey,I'm running out to the market. Do you guys need anything? Oh,well,this would be one of those circumstances that people unfamiliar with the law of large numbers would call a coincidence. I'm sorry? I need eggs. Four dozen should suffice. (..)
    2007 TvShow: The Big Bang Theory Title: The Luminous Fish Effect Season: 1 Episode 4