• noun: a whole made up of 'complicated' or interrelated parts
  • noun: a group of buildings, apartments, etc., that are located near each other and used for a particular purpose
  • verb: to make complex or into a complex
  • adjective: having parts that connect or go together in complicated ways
  • adjective: 'composed' of two or more parts
  • synonyms: composite


  • The diagram illustrates the 'complexity' of the cell's structure.

  • He doesn't grasp/understand the 'complexity' of the situation.

  • Her poetry is too 'complex' [='complicated'] for my taste.

Movie clips

Movie quotes

  • (..) actually want to be me. And somebody loves me, and I love him. Pearl, why don't you get us that baloney cake out the icebox? Your mama's a complex woman. I'm going to bed. Good night, darlin'. Kate: But you know nothing about her. Are you even sure who she is? (..)
    2002 Sweet Home Alabama
  • (..) - You're telling me this is personal? - He's not doing it by himself. - Someone else is footing the bill. - Who? Heard of the military-industrial complex? Those are the manufacturers of the weapons. They think they own the system and they will do anything to keep that power. (..)
    2013 White House Down
  • (..) I'll show you the way. We got some important people waiting for us. - Are you okay, sir? - I'm all right. - Is your family in the complex? - They won't be here till tonight. - Your daughter, where's your daughter? - I couldn't find her. I hope she got out. Do you know these men? (..)
    2013 White House Down