• verb: to take (something) away from someone especially as punishment or to enforce the law or rules
  • verb: to seize as forfeited to the public treasury
  • adjective: appropriated by the government
  • synonyms: forfeited, take, seize


  • The police have the authority to 'confiscate' [='seize'] the drug dealer's property.

  • The teacher 'confiscated' all cell phones for the duration of the field trip.

  • Guards 'confiscated' knives and other weapons from the prisoners.

Movie clips

Movie quotes

  • (..) Gazerbeam. "Kronos?" Life reading negative. Mr. Incredible terminated. This project has completely confiscated my life, darling. Consumed me as only hero work can. My best work, I must admit. Simple, elegant, yet bold. You will die. - E, I just... (..)
    2004 The Incredibles
  • (..) Spock! Spock! - Open a channel. - Yes, sir. Spock, I knew I should have killed you when I had the chance. I hereby confiscate this illegally obtained ship... and order you to surrender your vessel. No terms. That ship... take it out. - Sir, if you ignite the red matter.. (..)
    2009 Star Trek
  • (..) - Shit. You put them on so tight. - I like realism. You never know who's watching, Brian. Nice crib, Sergeant. It's a lot nicer than the last place you confiscated. Ain't it? Eddie Fisher built this house for Elizabeth Taylor in the 's. You see, even the cops are Hollywood in Hollywood. (..)
    2001 The Fast and the Furious