• adjective: large in size, amount, or quantity
  • adjective: worth 'consideration'


  • We have already wasted a 'considerable' amount of time and money.

  • The murder trial attracted 'considerable' public attention.

  • We received a 'considerable' number of complaints.

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Movie quotes

  • (..) who saved an entire city. They know. It was the Batman. Mr. Wayne's will was not amended to reflect his more modest estate. Nonetheless, there are considerable assets to... dispose of. The contents of the house are to be sold to settle the estate's accounts and the remainder is left in its entirety (..)
    2012 The Dark Knight Rises
  • (..) steal the Panther, one might almost conclude that the general, in order to get rid of his political enemies, - engineered the robbery himself. - Oh, I bet he even offered a reward. - A considerable reward, dead- - Or alive. - And if you are dead- - I can't prove I didn't steal the Pink Panther. (..)
    1975 The Return of the Pink Panther
  • (..) they should retain the white card, as this must be surrendered to Lugash authorities before departure. The loss of this card may cause considerable delays. Have my bags sent up to my room like a good fellow. How are you, Pepi? Ah, what a surprise. Sir Charles Litton, (..)
    1975 The Return of the Pink Panther