• adjective: resulting from careful thought
  • adjective: matured by extended deliberative thought
  • synonyms: advised, well-advised


  • a television program that is 'considered' one of the best comedies ever

  • It's my 'considered' opinion that she was not guilty of the crime.

  • We never 'considered the possibility' that the plan could fail.

Movie quotes

  • (..) What kind of a father could this dog ever be to a boy? Maybe you're right, Ms. Grunion. But there's one thing you haven't considered. What's that? I'm a dog, too! If being a dog means you're like Mr. Peabody... who never turns (..)
    2014 Mr. Peabody & Sherman
  • (..) humor is not immune to the laws of science. Using algorithms, we can extrapolate what is universally considered "funny"... thus producing a formula that is scientifically certain to cause laughter. Case in point, the pratfall. Is everyone amused? (..)
    2014 Mr. Peabody & Sherman