• noun: dishonest or illegal behavior especially by powerful people (such as government officials or police officers)
  • noun: impairment of integrity, virtue, or moral principle
  • usually singular
  • synonyms: taint, putrefaction, adulteration


  • The phrase “an apron” is a 'corruption' of the original English phrase “a napron.”

  • computer software that is supposed to prevent the 'corruption' of files

  • There are rumors of widespread 'corruption' in the city government.

Movie clips

Movie quotes

  • (..) Willet dam is a fraud. It's a crime against the people who sent me here! I committed it! Every word that boy said about Taylor and me and graft - - and the rotten political corruption of my state is true! I'm not fit for office! I'm not fit for any place of honor! Expel me! Hurrah! He did it! (..)
    1939 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
  • (..) what these people have "lives," Wayne. Crime. Despair. This is not how man was supposed to live. The League of Shadows has been a check against human corruption... ...for thousands of years. We sacked Rome. Loaded trade ships with plague rats. Burned London to the ground. (..)
    2005 Batman Begins
  • (..) I want the name of this flying whatchamacallit... go with the Daily Planet like bacon and eggs... ...franks and beans, death and taxes, politics and corruption. I don't think that he'd... ...lend himself to any cheap promotion schemes. Exactly how would you know that? Just first impression. (..)
    1978 Superman