• noun: the legal right to take care of a child (such as a child whose parents are divorced)
  • noun: immediate charge and control (as over a ward or a suspect) exercised by a person or an authority
  • used after 'in' or 'into'
  • synonyms: confinement, imprisonment, care


  • a bitter 'custody battle' [=a legal fight between divorced parents about who will take care of a child]

  • He was taken 'into' (police) 'custody' last night and will be charged with murder today.

  • The witness is 'in protective custody'. [=is being kept in a safe place by the police]

Movie quotes

  • (..) I'll be coming to your home tomorrow evening to conduct an investigation. If I discover that you are, in any way, an unfit parent... I will see to it Sherman is removed from your custody. Permanently. I hope I've made myself clear. Crystal. I'm sorry I bit her, Mr. Peabody. (..)
    2014 Mr. Peabody & Sherman