• adjective: caused or done by a demon
  • adjective: of, relating to, or suggestive of a 'demon'
  • synonyms: fiendish

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  • (..) to where he's to weaken Janet's will. Enslaved? Enslaved by who? Something inhuman. Something that's taken a blasphemous form to attack my faith. There is a demonic presence in that house. You need to get Vic before he leaves. We need to go back. Okay. (SOBBING) (GLASS SHATTERS) (..)
    2016 The Conjuring 2
  • (..) his entire family in this house. We'd hoped to discover if the killings had been motivated purely by anger or if, as Ronny DeFeo testified in court, he had been under the influence of something demonic. (GUNSHOT) (INDISTINCT WHISPERING) WHISPERING VOICES: Stay here. Stay. (DOOR CREAKING) (..)
    2016 The Conjuring 2
  • (..) You gave it permission to infest your lives. What's an inhuman spirit? It's something that's never walked the earth in human form. It's something demonic. So the doll was never possessed? No, no, it was used as a conduit. It was moved around to give the impression of possession. Demonic spirits don't possess things, they possess people. It wanted to get inside of you. All right, that's good, Drew. You can shut it down now. Hit the lights. (..)
    2013 The Conjuring