• adjective: known by many people because of some quality or achievement
  • adjective: marked by eminence, 'distinction', or excellence
  • synonyms: transcendent, famous, marked


  • The law affects private property 'as distinguished from' public property. [=the law affects private property and not public property]

  • The recipe is 'distinguished' by its simplicity. [=the unusual or interesting thing about the recipe is its simplicity]

  • She is 'distinguished' for her achievements in genetic research.

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  • (..) Yes, but generally the same principles should apply, shouldn't they? It's not right. It's not right, or you don't like it? I don't like how this looks. Looks distinguished and debonair to me. You know what I mean. Like we're living high on the hog. Dressed like this while folks back home are... (..)
    2014 Selma