• noun: sediment contained in a liquid or precipitated from it
  • usually used in plural
  • synonyms: lees, refuse, feculence

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  • (..) U.S. boats were headed for Cuba. It soon became evident that Castro was forcing the boat owners to carry back with them not onIy their reIatives but the dregs of his jaiIs. Of the refugees that Ianded in FIorida, an estimated had criminaI records. ...they are unwiIIing to adapt (..)
    1983 Scarface
  • (..) We were barely lovers. You just love a sob story, don't you? Is that what I am to you, now? Poor Stephen Strange, charity case. He finally needs me. Another dreg of humanity for me to work on. Patch him up and send him back into the world. Heart's just humming. You care SO much, don't you? (..)
    2016 Doctor Strange
  • (..) That's me. You're telling my story. You gotta cut loose. Cutting loose. That's the dream. Well, let's do it! You're my boy and I'm always here to help. Sorry, I'm kinda down to the dregs. But we'll make it work! To cutting loose. TO THE TUNE OF FOOTLOOSE: # Loose, cut loose (..)
    2019 TvShow: American Dad! Title: One-Woman Swole Season: 13 Episode 14