• biographical name: John 1827–1862 Am. (Irish-born) actor
  • past tense of 'draw'


  • One of the thieves 'drew' a knife on her. [=one of the thieves took a knife out of a pocket, container, etc., and pointed it at her]

  • She 'drew' important distinctions 'between' the two methods. [=described important ways that the two methods are different]

  • She sat down in the chair and 'drew up her knees/legs'. [=she bent her legs and moved her knees toward her chest]

Movie clips

Movie quotes

  • (..) Those eyes disappeared. What was that? Those eyes, they... they disappeared. I know one thing, Major. I drew and fired straight at it. Capped off rounds in the Minigun... Full pack. Nothing... nothing on this earth could have lived. Not at that range. (..)
    1987 Predator
  • (..) And since he's been paying me back, he's also shown me what he's capable of. Wow. I just drew a whole goddamn map in chalk while we've been standing here squawking. That's pretty fucking impressive, right? (..)
    2017 Baby Driver
  • (..) I'll let you call Bruce, give him the news. Okay. I'm gonna need a change of clothes. "And I drew the short straw. "But we just don't like you. "Also, it's a lot roomier on the without you. "But, I mean, it's only botany. (..)
    2015 The Martian