• noun: a dark underground prison in a castle
  • noun: a dark usually underground prison or vault
  • synonyms: donjon, keep


  • The king threw them in/into the 'dungeon'.

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  • (..) LEGOLAS: LEGOLAS: Again! Leave it! There's no way out! This is no Orc dungeon. These are the Halls of the Woodland Realm. No one leaves here but by the king's consent. Some may imagine (..)
    2013 The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
  • (..) That kid in there is dying from a fuckin' bullet I saw him take... so don't you be calling him a rat! Look, I'm right, okay? Somebody's a fuckin' rat. Where's the commode in this dungeon? I gotta take a squirt. Go down the hall, make a left, go up the stairs... and make a right. (..)
    1992 Reservoir Dogs
  • (..) and for years they have never failed to exact their toll. Have my horse saddled and ready. Enter the Twins alone and he'll sell you to the Lannisters as he likes. Or throw you in a dungeon. Or slit your throat. My father would do whatever it took to secure our crossing. Whatever it took. (..)
    2011 TvShow: Game of Thrones Title: Baelor Season: 1 Episode 9