• noun: the release of semen from the penis
  • noun: an act of 'ejaculating'


  • He was greeted with 'ejaculations' of surprise.

  • premature 'ejaculation'

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  • (..) Here where you can always find me. But I need you there to believe in me. To take care of your mother. I would love to... You have your whole life ahead of you. And pimples and premature ejaculation. - What? - It is just... I am scared that I will never see you again. (..)
    1993 Last Action Hero
  • (..) This is really happening. This is not happening. Repeat: This is not... I threw up. Sorry. I thought I was going to die. I am sorry to disappoint you, but you will live to enjoy the fruits of life. Acne, shaving, premature ejaculation and divorce. Does this suck weenie or what? This is a movie set. (..)
    1993 Last Action Hero
  • (..) Oh, yes. Get Dr. Rhythm Method. When a male reaches adolescence, sperm will normally be made in the testicles, where they mature and wait for ejaculation. Intercourse takes place by inserting the male sex organ into that of the female. Female sex organ! Piston movements of the hips (..)
    2007 Kantoku · Banzai!