• adjective: causing a hopeful feeling
  • adjective: giving hope or promise
  • synonyms: inspiriting, favoring, supportive


  • She smiled 'encouragingly' at the new student.

  • We've just heard some 'encouraging' news.

  • an 'encouraging' smile

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  • (..) And that by use of these documents my agents travelled freely throughout Airstrip One, encouraging insurrection and organising a huge counterplot to destroy the innermost faction of the Oceanian Leadership. Furthermore, I used my position of privilege within the Inner Party (Winston) April th . (..)
    1984 1984
  • (..) Thoughtcrime is death. I have committed, even before setting pen to paper, the essential crime that contains all others in itself. (man) ..encouraging my agents to deface party posters and announcements. I read and memorised Goldstein's book. For years, I have plotted to bring down the Party. (..)
    1984 1984
  • (..) I didn't call a replacement. Shh. The baby is sleeping. You took away my future. I'm simply returning the favor. Don't worry, I'll be a good mentor. Supportive, encouraging. Everything you weren't. And in time, who knows, he might make a good sidekick. He's getting away, Bob! (..)
    2004 The Incredibles