• noun: a feeling of great happiness and excitement
  • noun: the action of 'exhilarating'
  • synonyms: joyousness, jollity, animation


  • I felt a kind of 'exhilaration' when I reached the top of the mountain.

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Movie quotes

  • (..) - But, Joy. Sadness, you may know your way around down here. But I know Riley. We're gonna make her so happy, she'll wake up with exhilaration - We'll excite her awake. - That's never happen before. Woo, Riley loves dogs. Put this on. I don't think that will work. (..)
    2015 Inside Out
  • (..) I know. I masturbate, though. Have I gotta hear about it? Oh, is our little bald one not familiar with the art... of autoerotic exhilaration? This is like a bad tampon commercial. Hey, smoke my dick, you fuckin' whores! - Fuck you, dick! (..)
    1996 Foxfire
  • (..) Yes. I'm sorry. I should have been more careful about handling it. I have to admit, holding it in my hand gave me a certain exhilaration that I wasn't expecting. I felt I could almost hear his voice in my head while reading the words. Did you come directly (..)
    2018 TvShow: The Alienist Title: These Bloody Thoughts Season: 1 Episode 4