• noun: something (such as a door) that is used as a way to go out of a place
  • noun: a departure from a stage
  • verb: to go out of a place or situation
  • verb: to go out or away
  • sometimes used figuratively
  • synonyms: death, egress, outgang


  • Most fans were surprised by the team's early 'exit' from the tournament. [=surprised that the team lost and was out of the tournament at an early stage]

  • The company needs to have an 'exit strategy'. [=a plan for ending its involvement when it wants or needs to end it]

  • The deal provides an 'exit' for the company. [=a way for the company to stop being involved in something]

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  • (..) momentarily blinding the executioner... and chose that moment to swipe the executioner's melon... giving me the added weight to tip the boards, facilitating my exit. That's amazing! It's not amazing. It was just a matter of keeping my head. "Keeping your head." (..)
    2014 Mr. Peabody & Sherman