• adjective: known or recognized by very many people
  • adjective: widely known
  • often + 'for' or 'as'
  • synonyms: transcendent, illustrious, remarkable


  • The hotel is 'famous as' the place where the treaty was signed.

  • a 'famous' entertainer/explorer/athlete/politician

  • The hotel is (justly) 'famous for' its luxury.

Movie clips

Movie quotes

  • (..) - You are both in trouble. But- But if we- Do what is necessary... and conventional. I am calling in outside help. The famous French detective who recovered the Pink Panther the last time it was stolen. What was his name? Clouseau. Inspector Clouseau. You have a license? (..)
    1975 The Return of the Pink Panther
  • (..) From the dynasty of Akbar the Magnificent, and for over a thousand years our nation's religious symbol, the Pink Panther. Largest and most famous diamond in the world. Irreplaceable. Its value cannot be estimated in terms of money. Isn't the museum worried that someone might steal it? (..)
    1975 The Return of the Pink Panther
  • (..) We have one match in Brazil. All right. Do not leave Europe, Asia or the Americas. - Okay. - Where is this famous soccer player? He is outside on the practice field. Well, we shall see about Mr. Bizu. I've got Bizu in the interrogation room. What's the plan? (..)
    2006 The Pink Panther