• noun: the activity of traveling in an aircraft
  • noun: travel by air
  • adjective: moving or able to move in the air
  • adjective: moving or capable of moving in the air
  • used especially of livestock brand marks
  • synonyms: volant, volitant, circumvolant


  • A flag 'flies' in front of the building. = There is a flag 'flying' in front of the building.

  • The restaurant 'made a flying start' by filling up on opening night.

  • After some difficult years, the company is 'flying high' again.

Movie clips

Movie quotes

  • (..) the flying cars? Yeah, they have been promising that. Years. When we were kids it seemed like it was around the corner. I think Ed Begley Jr. has one. (..)
    1998 TvShow: Seinfeld Title: The Dealership Season: 9 Episode 11
  • (..) No, I do not go to his funeral. Everyone knows that if you someone crosses that will kill you. That you are wasting not a squirrel. He was so one heethoofd. - Yes, he had also just flying along. What fun that they amusement park in our daily life have brought. If a large turnout. (..)
    2007 Bee Movie
  • (..) You speak with Vanessa Bloom, a florist from New York. Where is the pilot? - That is unconscious, as the co-pilot. Not good. Is there anyone on board who flying? In fact, yes. - Who was that? Barry Benson. - Of those honingzaak? No. anyway. Vanessa this is nothing more than a metal with ... (..)
    2007 Bee Movie