• adjective: covered with short, soft hairs, fur, etc.
  • adjective: marked by or giving a suggestion of fuzz
  • usually used with 'warm'
  • synonyms: fluff, curly, fluffy


  • Seeing her again after all these years gave me a 'warm, fuzzy' feeling.

  • The picture in the newspaper is 'fuzzy'. [='blurred, blurry']

  • The line between our areas of responsibility is 'fuzzy'.

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Movie quotes

  • (..) all the ways we are the same... we are all made of matter. It makes me feel like we're both under the same blanket. It is soft and fuzzy... and everything under is the same age. well billion years old. How sweet. (..)
    2013 Her
  • (..) who's developed the cutest little hypoallergenic calicos. Leonard,listen to me... I've been thinking about names. I'm kind of torn between einstein,newton and sergeant fuzzy boots. Leonard,do you really think you can satisfy your need for a relationshh witip a genetically altered cat? Maybe. (..)
    2007 TvShow: The Big Bang Theory Title: The Fuzzy Boots Corollary Season: 1 Episode 3
  • (..) Old and busted, new hotness. Old busted hotness. - Serleena, please. - Been a long time, Zed. I'm just touched you remembered me. Makes me fuzzy all over. Never forget a pretty whatever you are. Zed? Zed? Look at you. Twenty-five years, (..)
    2002 Men in Black II