• adjective: no longer a child
  • adjective: fully grown
  • past participle of 'grow'
  • used in combination
  • synonyms: adult, assembled, big


  • She has two 'grown' children [=two children who are now adults] from a previous marriage.

  • It's wonderful to see how she has 'grown' as a person since going to college.

  • His small company has 'grown into' a huge international corporation.

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  • (..) like Mama said. See, I asked my mama could she make my hair like Coretta Scott King had hers at the Washington March. But she said that was too grown. Oh, I love her hair. I heard she don't even put rollers in it. It's just like that. But I studied it. I know how she do it. (..)
    2014 Selma