• noun: a long, usually rubber tube that liquids or gases can flow through
  • noun: a cloth leg covering that sometimes covers the foot
  • verb: to spray or wash (something) with water from a hose
  • verb: to spray, water, or wash with a hose
  • usually + 'down' or 'off'
  • synonyms: hose cart, hose truck


  • At the end of the day he 'hosed down'/'off' the sidewalk outside his shop.

  • a 'fire hose' [=a hose used to spray water on a fire]

  • a 'garden hose' [=a hose used to water a garden]

Movie clips

Movie quotes

  • (..) He's painting? What is he painting? I have no idea. Get up, Philippe. On your feet! Power hose, here we come! Fits you like a charm. Right. You don't respect the people working for me. It's unacceptable. Do you understand? I think she doesn't. Toughen up. (..)
    2011 Intouchables