• noun: something that looks or seems different from what it is
  • noun: the action of deceiving
  • synonyms: deception, chimera, mockery


  • The closer building looks larger than the farther one, but it's just an 'optical illusion'. The two buildings are actually the same size.

  • She had/harbored no 'illusions' about how much work the project would require. [=she knew the project would require a lot of work]

  • The video game is designed to give the 'illusion' that you are in control of an airplane.

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  • (..) whose deaths pave our path. I accept this honor for the more than million American Negroes who are motivated by dignity. Together we believe that what the illusion of supremacy has destroyed, the truth of equality can nourish. I promise you. It ain't nothing to be scared of. (..)
    2014 Selma