• adverb: with no person or thing in between
  • adverb: in direct connection or relation
  • synonyms: instantly, forthwith, straightway


  • The cause of the problem was not 'immediately' clear. [=is was not known right away]

  • They live in the house 'immediately' [='directly'] behind this one.

  • We need to leave 'immediately'. [='at once', 'right away']

Movie clips

Movie quotes

  • (..) - Oh, he never stops. Do you know Ser Hugh of the Vale? Not surprising. Until recently, he was only a squire - Jon Arryn's squire. He was knighted almost immediately after his master's untimely death. Knighted for what? - Why are you telling me this? - I promised Cat that I'd help you. (..)
    2011 TvShow: Game of Thrones Title: Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things Season: 1 Episode 4
  • (..) so sweat will never run into my eyes again, which is good for a driver. When they heard about your condition, Ferrari immediately hired a replacement driver, Carlos Reutemann. Yeah, before ever reaching the hospital. - Is Reutemann driving today too? (..)
    2013 Rush
  • (..) You need to assure me that those people are safe. They're gonna secure our exit and escort us out of here. Call them right now, immediately. I want all heads of department over here. And I want a fucking war room. We're gonna make our finalized plans. Now, listen, listen. (..)
    2016 13 Hours