• noun: the liquid part that can be squeezed out of vegetables and fruits
  • noun: the extractable fluid contents of cells or tissues
  • verb: to remove juice from (a fruit or vegetable)
  • verb: to add juice to
  • usually plural
  • synonyms: moisten, wet, humor


  • She came up with some great ideas when her creative 'juices' started 'flowing'.

  • He can be very tough to beat when he gets his competitive 'juices flowing'.

  • His camera ran out of 'juice' because he forgot to replace the battery.

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  • (..) Check it, guys. What do you got there, Sherman? Kibbles or bits? Actually, I've got baby carrots, organic apple juice, and a tuna sandwich. It's super-high in omega-s. So, you eat human food, huh? Yeah. Why wouldn't I? (..)
    2014 Mr. Peabody & Sherman