• past tense and past participle of 'lay'
  • synonyms: ordered, arranged


  • ('Brit') Places were 'laid' (at the table) for three people. [=silverware, glasses, and napkins were put on the table for three people who will be eating there]

  • When she came home after midnight, her father 'laid down the law': if she came home that late again, she would not be allowed to watch TV for a week.

  • She 'laid on' a fake southern accent. [=she spoke with a southern accent although she doesn't usually speak that way]

Movie quotes

  • (..) My boyfriend. King Tut is your boyfriend? Mmm-hmm. Would you like me to have them skinned, covered with honey... and laid in a pit of fire ants? You would do that for me? Anything, my desert flower. Consider it a wedding gift. What? You can't marry this guy! (..)
    2014 Mr. Peabody & Sherman