• noun: a large area of water that is surrounded by land
  • noun: a considerable inland body of standing water
  • noun: a purplish red pigment prepared from lac or cochineal
  • verb: to cause (blood) to undergo a physiological change in which the hemoglobin becomes dissolved in the plasma
  • often used in names
  • synonyms: play, sport, mediterranean


  • I was so mad at him that I told him to 'go jump in a lake'.

  • They own a cottage at/by/on the 'lake'.

  • the shores of the 'lake'

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  • (..) Well you certainly get a lot more snow than we do. Ha-ha-ha. She's hilarious. Yeah, it get's pretty cold. The lake freezes over. And that’s when we play hockey. I'm on a great team. We're called the Prairie dogs. My friend, Mag, plays forward and my dad's the coach. Pretty much everyone in my family skates. It's kind of a family tradition. We go out on the lake almost every weekend. Or, we did. Till... I moved away. - Hey. What gives? (..)
    2015 Inside Out