• adjective: having great importance, influence, or success
  • adjective: coming or ranking first
  • synonyms: guiding, directing, controlling


  • She was devastated when she found out that he didn't really love her, and had only been 'leading' her 'on'. [=he had been leading her to believe that he loved her]

  • It turned out that he had been 'leading a double life'. [=deceiving people about his life, not telling the whole truth about his life]

  • The judge made it quite clear that the lawyers were not permitted to ask witnesses 'leading questions'.

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  • (..) Well, you say that, J. Edgar. I have to take it seriously. But if he's a degenerate, what I do know is, he's a non-violent degenerate. And I want him to go on leading the civil rights movement, not one of these bloodthirsty militants. What I need to know right now is what's he about to do next? (..)
    2014 Selma
  • (..) work with my administration in an official capacity inside the White House, I feel damn fortunate to have someone as statesmanlike as you leading the movement. And I want you to go on leading it. No one else. Not one of these militant Malcolm X types. So... I wanna help. Tell me how. (..)
    2014 Selma