• adjective: having great importance, influence, or success
  • adjective: coming or ranking first
  • synonyms: guiding, directing, controlling


  • She was devastated when she found out that he didn't really love her, and had only been 'leading' her 'on'. [=he had been leading her to believe that he loved her]

  • It turned out that he had been 'leading a double life'. [=deceiving people about his life, not telling the whole truth about his life]

  • The judge made it quite clear that the lawyers were not permitted to ask witnesses 'leading questions'.

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  • (..) Your arrival is most opportune. If you would, I would like you please, to lead Miss Parkinson and the rest of Slytherin house, from the hall. Exactly where is it I'll be leading 'em to, ma'am? The dungeons would do. I presume you have a reason for returning, Potter. What is it you need? (..)
    2011 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2