• noun: a type of animal that is closely related to apes and humans and that has a long tail and usually lives in trees
  • noun: a nonhuman primate mammal with the exception usually of the lemurs and tarsiers
  • verb: to act in a grotesque or mischievous manner
  • often used in the phrase 'monkey on one's back'
  • synonyms: mimic, ape, simian


  • The storm 'threw a monkey wrench into' their plans for a picnic. [=the storm ruined their plans for a picnic]

  • After many years of disappointment, she finally 'got the monkey off her back' by winning the championship.

  • Our teacher warned us not to try any 'monkey business' while she was out of the room.

Movie quotes

  • (..) Mom and Dad, with us in public. No, thank you. Yup, I'm on it. Nope, I'm fine. Bye Mom. Bye Dad. Have a good day in school, monkey. - Woo-woo... - Woo-woot... - Woo... Woo... Have a great day, sweetheart. - Are you sure we want to do this? - In we go. (..)
    2015 Inside Out
  • (..) Like. Hockey Island. Goofball Island is my personal favorite. Come back here, you little monkey! Yup. Goofball is the best. Friendship Island is pretty good too. Oh. I love Honesty Island. (..)
    2015 Inside Out