• noun: the act or process of moving people or things from one place or position to another
  • noun: the act or process of moving
  • usually used in plural
  • synonyms: motion, advancement, emotion


  • There has been a 'movement' [='tendency'] toward lower prices in the housing market recently. [=prices have been going lower in the housing market recently]

  • There has been a 'movement' back to more therapeutic treatments of mental disorders in recent years.

  • There hasn't been any 'movement' in the negotiations. [=the negotations have not progressed]

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  • (..) I have to take it seriously. But if he's a degenerate, what I do know is, he's a non-violent degenerate. And I want him to go on leading the civil rights movement, not one of these bloodthirsty militants. What I need to know right now is what's he about to do next? Mr. President, (..)
    2014 Selma
  • (..) work with my administration in an official capacity inside the White House, I feel damn fortunate to have someone as statesmanlike as you leading the movement. And I want you to go on leading it. No one else. Not one of these militant Malcolm X types. So... I wanna help. Tell me how. (..)
    2014 Selma