• adjective: so important that you must do it or have it
  • adjective: of an inevitable nature
  • synonyms: absolute, apodictic, backhouse


  • There is no 'necessary connection' between what is legal and what is moral. [=what is legal does not always have to be moral and what is moral does not always have to be legal]

  • Higher prices are a 'necessary consequence' of the company's new services.

  • I'll 'do the necessary' [=do whatever is necessary] to get the job done.

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  • (..) about him coming in this evening. Overheard us? I'm learning about this just like you. We didn't do this. That Negro can't be talking about that "by any means necessary" madness with these people. They about to bust as it is. He's on his way here, right? So we gotta figure this out. Right and fast. (..)
    2014 Selma