• noun: a sudden start or increase of fighting or disease
  • noun: a sudden or violent increase in activity or currency
  • often + 'of'
  • synonyms: eruption, insurrection, mutiny


  • They are preparing for an 'outbreak of' the virus.

  • an 'outbreak of' violence/war

  • a cholera 'outbreak'

Movie clips

Movie quotes

  • (..) Covert intel. Original black-baggers, all under Creedy. Alan Percy, Robert Keyes, William Rookwood. The day after the St. Mary's outbreak... ...Percy gives his Beretta a blowjob, Keyes dies in a fire... Rookwood goes missing. Bloody coincidences are making me sick to my stomach. (..)
    2005 V for Vendetta
  • (..) starting to break. All the models are forecasting lifted indices from - to -. If the cells keep building, there could be a record outbreak of tornados. This is going to be a long day. Are you sure she'll be there? If I know Jo, she's already dragged her department into the field. (..)
    1996 Twister
  • (..) Good. Don't tell anyone about the zombies. Never ever. No, wait... ...can I at least tell Jake? Tell me about what, dude? You know, about the outbreak of zom-- Alright, what's going on? Uhh, nothing at all, buddy! Hey, dude. I think you and Bubblegum are up to something. Ahha ah, what? No, no way. (..)
    2010 TvShow: Adventure Time Title: Slumber Party Panic Season: 1 Episode 1