• noun: a pair of pants with an extra piece attached that covers the chest and has straps that go over the shoulders
  • noun: loose protective trousers worn over regular clothes
  • adverb: with everyone or everything included
  • adverb: from one end to the other


  • The mechanic was dressed in (a pair of) 'overalls'. [=('US') 'coveralls']

  • She figured out what it would cost 'overall'. [='altogether']

  • His mistake didn't change my 'overall' impression of him.

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  • (..) We will do it for all of our lost ones. All of those, like Jimmie Lee Jackson, who have gone too soon, taken by hate! Let me hear the top-tier issues that have to be evident in the overall legislation we demand. Let's break it down. But let's root this discussion in what we know. We know Johnson (..)
    2014 Selma
  • (..) A comprehensive plan is already in place. The act was only passed six months ago. So hammer home that impatience only hurts the overall cause. We're... We're getting there. Just... Just keep reiterating the plan. No, he doesn't want reiteration. He wants something so he can say, (..)
    2014 Selma