• noun: a picture that is painted
  • noun: a product of painting
  • synonyms: picture, paint, third art


  • We went to see ancient 'cave paintings' [=pictures painted on the wall of a cave] in Spain.

  • He is studying abstract/Chinese/watercolor 'painting'.

  • The woman in that 'painting' is my grandmother.

Movie clips

Movie quotes

  • (..) So we're sending this goddamn picture. That's what I'm talking about. Let's do it! Give me a cigarette. Don't you ever knock? Are you painting? - Yes, get out! - You're kidding me. Ha, ha, painting. Did you learn how to read as well? I told you to get out of here! (..)
    2011 Intouchables
  • (..) It will be sold by tuesday night. Can we go? You've been staring at this for an hour. You're gonna have to change the channel at some point. This painting expresses an overwhelming serenity. And some violence as well. I find it very moving. Red stains on a white background are moving? (..)
    2011 Intouchables