• verb: to make (someone or something) ready for some activity, purpose, use, etc.
  • verb: to make ready beforehand for some purpose, use, or activity
  • often + 'for'
  • synonyms: provide, preparation, framed


  • We don't have much more time to 'prepare' ourselves 'for' their arrival.

  • They'll be arriving soon. We don't have much more time to 'prepare'.

  • He 'prepares for' games by studying tapes of the opposing team.

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  • (..) Right and fast. He ain't on his way. He here. Holy shit. Are you all right? I wish I had more time to prepare is all. I want to do this kind of thing whenever possible. But I don't get to do it enough to feel entirely comfortable. I prefer to be prepared. (..)
    2014 Selma