• noun: something that is more important than other things and that needs to be done or dealt with first
  • noun: the quality or state of being 'prior'
  • used of taxa
  • synonyms: antecedence, precedence, preëminence


  • These problems are important and should be 'given priority' (over others). [=they should be dealt with first]

  • Health concerns should 'have priority' over comfort. [=health concerns are more important than comfort]

  • I know you want to buy a new stereo, but right now, saving for college has to 'take priority'.

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  • (..) - All right. I'll tell you, ending segregation, proudest moment of my life when I signed that ' Act. Proudest moment of my life, I tell you. Now civil rights is a priority - of this administration as you know. - Thank you. We're gonna face the challenge, or this country is (..)
    2014 Selma