• noun: a person who is kept in a prison
  • noun: a person deprived of liberty and kept under involuntary restraint, confinement, or custody
  • sometimes used figuratively
  • synonyms: captive, caitiff, jailbird


  • He was captured by rebel forces and kept as their 'prisoner' for several months before they set him free.

  • They 'took him prisoner'. = He was 'taken prisoner'. [=they captured him and made him their prisoner]

  • a 'political prisoner' [=a person put in prison because of his or her political beliefs]

Movie quotes

  • (..) a great team. The good-coplbad-cop routine is working perfectly. You know, usually two different cops do that. You know what we do to prisoners who don't cooperate? We hook them up to the box. What is the box? Idiot. Like this, I take one electrode... (..)
    2006 The Pink Panther
  • (..) I admired her. Far more than her husband or her son. Do you think I care whom you admire and whom you don't? No, I don't, but I'm telling you anyway because you're my prisoner. You don't have a choice. The love she had for her children, I was a little awed by it. Reminded me of my sister. Oh. (..)
    2016 TvShow: Game of Thrones Title: No One Season: 6 Episode 8
  • (..) that we're decent, don't we? You have to sleep at night. How do you tell yourself that you're decent after everything that you've done? I was your sister's prisoner once. She hit me on the head with a rock if I remember correctly. (laughs) Yeah. She should have killed you. (..)
    2016 TvShow: Game of Thrones Title: No One Season: 6 Episode 8