• noun: money that is made in a business, through investing, etc., after all the costs and expenses are paid
  • noun: a valuable return
  • verb: to get an advantage or benefit from something
  • verb: to be of service or advantage
  • often + 'by' or 'from'
  • synonyms: gain, avail, advance


  • He 'profited by' his experience/mistake. [=he learned something useful from his experience/mistake]

  • The book can be read with 'profit' by anyone who wants to understand how the system works.

  • We sold the house 'at a profit'. [=we made a profit when we sold our house]

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  • (..) - Just write. The third cost $. I soId it for $. The fourth cost $.. I soId it for big American boffos! -What was my profit for the day?. Check it if you don't beIieve me. - You saw the paper. - From aII the way over here? Are you being smart with me? - If you are, you'II be punished. (..)
    1996 Matilda