• noun: an official list, book, or system for keeping records of something
  • noun: a written record containing regular entries of items or details
  • verb: to record information about (something) in a book or system of public records
  • verb: to make or secure official entry of in a register
  • often + 'of'
  • synonyms: record, annals, roll


  • ('Brit') After the students were seated, the teacher 'called/took the register'. [=read a list of the students' names out loud and noted which students were there and which were not]

  • It took a moment for what she was saying to 'register'. [=it took a moment before I understood what she was saying]

  • Roast the meat for two hours or until the meat thermometer 'registers' 140 degrees.

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  • (..) and humiliations we can address within the larger context of legislation? Doc, we gotta start with banning these laws that if a Negro tries to register, I mean, actually musters up the courage to go in that courthouse, that their name and address is published in the paper. (..)
    2014 Selma
  • (..) Wonder what old Dunn'll say when I tell him one of his gals is down here stirring a fuss. I ain't stirring no fuss. I'm just here trying to register to vote. It's all right this time. It's right when I say it's right. Recite the Constitution's preamble. Know what a preamble is? (..)
    2014 Selma