• verb: to reduce or remove (something, such as pain or an unpleasant feeling)
  • verb: to free from a burden
  • synonyms: mitigate, support, remove


  • She signed a contract that 'relieved' him 'of' all responsibility regarding the business.

  • The law 'relieves' you 'of' any liability. [=under the law, you will not be liable]

  • He stopped the car and went out into the woods to 'relieve himself'. [='urinate']

Movie clips

Movie quotes

  • (..) It was high time I came back. I'll be here in a minute. Now what? Now you let me handle it. Don't you like that? A sharp fast cut would relieve me. It's good to see you're doing better. I did my best. Open your eyes. Oh my god. It's terrible. - It's really bad. (..)
    2011 Intouchables
  • (..) I always say that I'm a frozen steak thrown in a hot frying pan. I don't feel anything, but it's still painful. It has to stop. There must be something that will relieve you. Yup. This could relieve me. Well, we're all a little sick when it comes to this... I might even be sicker than you. (..)
    2011 Intouchables