• noun: something that is said or written as a reply to something
  • noun: an act of 'responding'
  • synonyms: agnus dei, benedicite, esp


  • The patient suffered an adverse 'response' to the medication. [=the patient became worse after taking the medication]

  • When I told him my plan, I wasn't expecting such an enthusiastic 'response'.

  • She asked him but he 'gave/made no response'. [=he did not answer]

Movie clips

Movie quotes

  • (..) I type with purpose. What is it that you're working on so furiously? I'm building a workflow of firing techniques. It's questions and responses, actions and reactions. It's a script taking you through the steps of firing someone. Who's it for? Well, theoretically, (..)
    2009 Up in the Air
  • (..) by extending to you and the American people my country's most sincere sympathies on this horrific tragedy. If there is anything our people can do in response to this tremendous act of cowardice, rest assured, we will do it. I appreciate that. You can begin by removing your destroyers (..)
    2016 TvShow: Designated Survivor Title: Pilot Season: 1 Episode 1
  • (..) There's no shot. Now, back off. Back off, they've got hostages. ... P.D. are pursuing the four suspects through downtown, in response to a hostage situation. Gotham P.D... What's goin' on with the lights? It can't be. What the hell was that? Oh, boy, you are in (..)
    2012 The Dark Knight Rises