• noun: a part that rolls and is used to move, press, shape, spread, or smooth something
  • noun: a revolving cylinder over or on which something is moved or which is used to press, shape, spread, or smooth something
  • synonyms: bandage, fillet, cylinder


  • He's had a 'roller-coaster' career. [=a career with many ups and downs]

  • The divorce was an emotional 'roller coaster' for both of them.

  • The casino offers special deals to attract 'high rollers'.

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  • (..) could she make my hair like Coretta Scott King had hers at the Washington March. But she said that was too grown. Oh, I love her hair. I heard she don't even put rollers in it. It's just like that. But I studied it. I know how she do it. See, she parts in the middle and then... Annie Lee Cooper! (..)
    2014 Selma